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What it consists?

If you are a Natural or Legal Person and you request for services and water samples analysis, CORPONOR‘s Water Analysis Environmental Laboratory has a wide range of services including: Microbiological and physicochemical analysis of the municipal and lane water sources that let you know the quality of drinking water in communities. Support the water quality evaluation of current water, surface and underground streams in the region, through laboratory analysis. Physicochemical and Microbiological Analysis of Industrial Wastewater and Domestic Sewage. Support confirmation processes and collect retribution tax charges and monitoring to permit discharges by analyzing wastewater laboratory. Evaluation of water quality for other uses (irrigation, recreation, agriculture, industry). Parameters and methods of analysis


Steps to follow

  1. How to access to Environmental Laboratory Services? You should go to the entity’s office: The user can make their requests for information personally on the Laboratory located in the township of Las Piedras, located in El Zulia, by Telephone: PBX: 5789802 Corporative E-mail: Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo. 


  1. Receive Request Form service delivered by the staff of the Corponor’s Laboratory of Water Analysis. Contact: Entity Office: Corponor’s Laboratory of Water Analysis in the town of El Zulia.


  1. Fill Services Application Form and file it. You should go to: Entity Office, Fill due the service application form and deliver it to the laboratory facilities.


  1. Receive written response or offer of the requested services Contact:


  1. Cancel the value of the services requested in the offices of the Financial Subdirectorate of CORPONOR, where the respective billing invoice will be generated. Contact: Entity Office.  Financial Subdirectorate at Corponor Headquarters Park.


  1. Wait for the visit of technician and /or staff of the Laboratory for sampling on the date and time indicated. Contact: Other Means: In the sampling collection place.


  1. Ask for the analysis results in the CORPONOR’s water analysis laboratory facilities, present the respective analyzes payment receipt. Contact: Office of entity: Corponor Water Analysis Laboratory in the town of El Zulia


  1. If you make the sampling by yourself, you must follow the respective instructions on proper sampling techniques provided by the water Analysis Laboratory Staff in suitable treaties and containers for this purpose. Contact: Other Means: Sampling directly by the user.


  1. Submit samples to the analysis of water laboratory taken in the laboratory, with the identification label, bearing in mind that these are only received in the morning taking into account the class and type of analysis. Contact: Corponor Analysis of Water Laboratory Office in the town of El Zulia.



Profile: Natural and Legal Person.


  • • Compliance with specifications or standards. Filling out Service Request Form
  • • Compliance with specifications or standards. Cancel the corresponding value according to the sample
  • • Compliance with specifications or standards. Deliver the samples in the laboratory, with identification label and according to the indications given by the laboratory.


Required Documents

not applicable


Required payments

Banking information

Conavi (Bancolombia)

Corponor Saving Account

  • • 61740884137


Remember that.

It is intended for:

Private Law

public law

Colombian citizen

Foreign Citizens




As a result of this service you will get

Report results of the analyzes requested

Deadline: 0 - Days

Shipping Options: